New Moon & Eclipse & Taylor, oh my!

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I have finished New Moon (and watched the movie) and Eclipse and re-watched the movie. Re-watched? You say. Yes, re-watched. My introduction to this saga was over the summer at a bachelorette party. (I know, don’t you just lllluuuurrrvvv someone who, as part of a weekend, awesome Napa spa celebration, adds a movie based on a series of books she loves like a pretty little cherry on top? I know I do… right up my alley!) So I saw Eclipse but having no background to base it on, forgot most of it. Except Taylor Lautner with his shirt off. And Taylor Lautner saying he was hotter than Rob Pattinson. And Taylor Lautner in the tent. Ok, I forgot everything but Taylor Lautner (even though I’m a good 12 years older than the twelve-pack owner guy). Oh, how I had to make sure he was 18 so I didn’t feel completely disgusting joining along with multi-aged female packed theater who literally (some of you readers were there so you can attest for this fact) squeeled in unison when he showed up on screen.

Anyway, as you know, I started this series on December 1 and am now into the final book. Almost 800 glorious pages of the final book, which I am reluctant to finish though crazily speeding through. I have even raved about it so much that my mom has me bringing home Twilight over Christmas so she can see what all the fuss is about. Not sure she’ll appreciate it as much as I do, as her teenage days are a bit further behind her than me, but I know women in their 40’s who were pushing this on me when it first came out, so I’m saying mom should at least peruse it and see if she can’t find her inner teenager.

I tried to read these books a couple of years ago, but I didn’t get past the first page. It’s been sitting on my shelf since then (or rather it was on my Kindle). I don’t know what it was; timing (I was having a bad time with a soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, romance wasn’t exactly what I wanted to read about), my pile of books, work… who knows. What I do know is I am a bonafide, crazy fangirl now. And I love having been able to read each book and then watch the movie right after (to see exactly what they changed, etc.). I will be sad to not be able to do this with Breaking Dawn, but maybe it will just compel me to re-read the book again before the movie comes out. I must say that Eclipse is the closest to the book. It’s interesting that they have different directors for each movie and I wonder if that has anything to do with it — even though they’ve had the same screen writer for each movie. And has anyone else notice how good the soundtracks are? So good it almost made me forget that Kristen’s Stewart’s wig was so horrible.

By the way, did I mention that Peter Facinelli was at the movie theater with us over Thanksgiving? We were in my mom’s small town 4 screen (or is it 5? I can’t remember. Either way, each theater has about 40 seats… small) movie theater and apparently he was there with his family. From what I know he doesn’t live there, though we have a small celebrity population (Bo Derek and John Corbett being two of the ones I see the most… Bo is about 25 years older than me and still manages to make me look like a frump and John (Aidan to all you Sex and the City fans) is so big and tall and beautiful that it takes all of my strength not to do a running leap into his arms and tell him that yes, I’ll marry him! But looking at crazy, beautiful Bo Derek standing next to him makes me snap to my senses every time), but you can bet my eyes will be peeled now for Dr. Cullen.

So what about you? Twi-fan or not?

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2 thoughts on “New Moon & Eclipse & Taylor, oh my!

  1. Wallace, I am a twi-fan. Most definitely! So glad you are enjoying the books and films! I can’t wait for next year and part 1 of Breaking Dawn. Have a great holiday with your family!!

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