To the Lighthouse Read-a-long: Ready, Set, Go!

Know what I did? I went and posted the sign up post and the start up post together last week for To the Lighthouse. What I typically do is post the sign up post (announcing that the next read-a-long is starting) and give people a week to sign up. Then I post the start up post, which is the reading schedule and the list of participants the next week and we get started. Oops! If you missed the sign up/ start up post for To the Lighthouse, please click the link to see the details.

If you are on not on the list below, but would like to read-a-long with us, leave me a comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

If you are on the list below  — time to get started reading! This week we are reading pages 1-53 (roughly 8 pages a day). Our first check-in will be next Friday. I’ll post my thoughts on the week’s reading and you can post yours in the comment section. If you are also posting on your blog, please leave us a link along with your comment so we can visit!

Happy reading!

Who’s Reading Along:

(Hopefully you! I will post the names of readers here after I know who is reading along. Make sure to leave me a comment in the comments section if you are joining us).

Melissa C.
Jennifer O.
Susan E.
Lydia Presley
Michelle @ The True Book Addict
Marisa @ Armchair Archives
Cathy Crane
Sandra Varela




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23 thoughts on “To the Lighthouse Read-a-long: Ready, Set, Go!

    • Oh yay! Don’t worry if you get behind. If you throw me a message during the weeks you’re catching up (if need be) I keep you on the list. And if you can’t finish, no worries, you can always join us for another book later on. :)

  1. Looking forward to this! BTW, I’m reading on my Kindle–is there a section break or other point so I know when to stop reading :>) I don’t have page numbers….

    • Stop at Chapter 10 (marked Chapter X in my book). That will put you a paragraph onto pg. 54 in the paperback version, but it’s an easy stopping point (and probably where I’ll read to as well).

      If you remind me each week, I can look up section breaks for you.

  2. I may just be a spectator. I listened to this on audio just a few weeks ago and fell in love with the writing. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts, unless I actually fit a reread in.

    • Oh good to know! That’s inspiring (that you liked the writing so much). Feel free to jump in on the convo whenever you feel like it — I imagine the story’s still fresh in your mind. :)

  3. I am ready..To the Lighthouse is on my Kindle and on my computer. I am am fascinated with Virginia Woolf’s literary style. Can’t wait to start discussing.


  4. I tried to read this book a few years ago but have been unable to read more than maybe 15 pages. Then I’ve read “A room of one’s own” (birthday’s present, not my choice !) and even if I’ve finished it (very short, it helps…), I’m convinced that Woolf and me are not to be best friends.
    When I saw on your GR group that this book was to be read this month through a read-à-long, I hesitated to join but I wasn’t sure I was willing to make my vacations a nightmare ;)
    I’ll follow your weekly reports.

    • Oh my gosh, Flo, I can’t imagine trying to read this book in a second language. You are a rock star for having attempted it!

      Chime in whenever you want to throughout the read-a-long. :)

      • No, no, I’ve tried to read it in French !! But … I’ve just seen that my library had the English version so, maybe, I’ll try it in original version (I’m not a rock star : I’m mad ;) ).
        I’ve just wanted to read it in the Google version via GR but it seems that you can’t read it directly on your screen (chapter 2 is just a few lines (?!) & there are no page numbers) & need an e-reader (it’s a plot !! :D ). Can you confirm me this point (even if my question is stupid :p) ?

        • GR wasn’t moving fast enough for me, but I do think it was just a preview of the book. The whole book (or what I’m pretty sure is the whole book– no page numbers, but it does have chapter numbers) can be found here:

          I hope that helps! I’m impressed if you are going to try to join us with this in English — it’s a tricky one, especially with the way she is structuring the sentences. But I’m cheering you on if you give it a try!

          • Thanks for your answer. The GR version and the Gutenberg one are identical (even the chapter two with its 2-3 lines. Does this chapter is so short in your version ?). Morevoer, the GR version refers to Gutenberg. I’m gonna try it. I won’t reach the goal for this week but if I feel I can do it, I’ll ask you to add me to the list for the future (and yes, I assume that cheerings will be welcomed :D ).

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