The Book Magic Clip

Have you heard of the Book Magic clip? It holds your book open so you can use your hands to do other things. This is incredibly useful for those of us who like to read while we’re eating (or knitting, etc.). I got mine from the Container Store, and it was only about $3.00 so I bought a few in case I lose one. The package doesn’t have a company website, but if you’re interested in one, and you don’t have a Container Store near you, you can buy one off of the Container Store website. Below are pics of how you use it (it slides up so you can turn the page easily). I use this all the time…do you use anything like it?





4 thoughts on “The Book Magic Clip

  1. I recently purchased the Book Gem. It’s great for books and ereaders (I use it for both). I generally use it while eating, but it comes in handy when I’m folding laundry, drying my hair, or cooking. Allows me to sneak in a few minutes of extra reading here and there.

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