Anna Karenina Read-a-Long :: Starting Post

(Just a reminder that I’m over at BookRiot today as well with — now onto the read-a-long!)

Welcome to the Anna Karenina read-a-long! Remember, this read-a-long is for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Want to know more about the book before you join us? Check out the sign-up page (if you are choosing to join us from now onward, please sign up in the current week’s (please make sure you are checking to make sure it is the MOST CURRENT update) comments section or it is very likely I will miss you and not add you to the list, accidentally. If this should happen, please just let me know in the comment section of the most current week, thanks!). Also… here is a link to a printable bookmark that has a character guide for Anna Karenina (thanks Oprah!). Believe me, you’ll probably want it.

The following is the reading and posting schedule for this read-a-long. Please note, we will be reading roughly 63 pages per week (about 9 pages a day). Fortunately, there are fairly clean breaks (i.e. ending at chapter breaks) this time, so I was able to mark which chapters we will stop at each week (the last week is 10 pages shorter than the others, and will give you a little extra time to catch up if you need to). To make the reading less overwhelming, I try to make sure that we do not have too many pages to have to plow through per day or week, but feel free to read ahead if you are on a roll, or at least read to the next natural breaking point. That said, please note that not everyone will be doing so, and I ask that you do not comment on things that happen outside of the scheduled reading (i.e. no spoilers, please). Thanks!


Beginning Friday, October 7th and ending Friday, December 30th.


Week #/ dates :: Place in which to STOP

Week One/ Oct.7-13 :: Part 1 Chapter XX
Week Two/ Oct. 14-20 :: Part 2 Chapter VIII
Week Three/ Oct. 21-27 :: Part 2 Chapter XXIX
Week Four/ Oct. 28-Nov. 3 :: Part 3 Chapter XII
Week Five/Nov. 4-10 :: Part 3 Chapter XXXI
Week Six/ Nov. 11-17 :: Part 4 ch XVIII
Week Seven/ Nov. 18-24 :: Part 5 Chapter XV (please note: this is Thanksgiving! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)
Week Eight/ Nov. 25- Dec. 1 :: Part 6 Chapter I
Week Nine/ Dec.2-8 :: Part 6 Chapter XX
Week Ten/Dec.9-15 :: Part 7 Chapter VII
Week Eleven/Dec.16-22 :: Part 7 Chapter XXIX
Week Twelve/ Dec.23-30 :: Finish book! You made it!!  (please note this is Christmas week! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)


Post #/ date post should be up on blog:

Start up Post/ Today!
Week One/ October 14th
Week Two/ October 21st
Week Three/ October 28th
Week Four/ November 4th
Week Five/ November 11th
Week Six/ November 18th
Week Seven/ November 25th
Week Eight/ December 2nd
Week Nine/ December 9th
Week Ten/December 16th
Week Eleven/ 23rd
Week Twelve/ 30th (Final Review)

** Please don’t forget to come to this blog each Friday and share your thoughts in the comments section of my weekly  Anna Karenina  review (see below for more information).**

How it Works:

  1. Each week, on Friday, share your thoughts about the previous week’s reading. If you are stuck on what to comment about, you can respond to my post or others’ comments.Regardless, you MUST check in each week, even if to say you are behind in the reading (two weeks without  a response and you will be taken off of the list — see below for details on why). *please refrain from posting ahead, even if you have read ahead, as to not spoil the book for others*
  2. Feel free to post reviews of the each week’s reading on your own blog (if you are a blogger), and to visit each other’s links. If I, or other readers, have extra time we will gladly try to visit your blog if you also leave a link to your post about this book. However, please make sure to share your thoughts here on this blog, as this is where the main conversation will be happening.

Who’s Reading Along:

*Please let me know if you are going to be commenting with a different name than is on the list (I check who’s still reading by using this list – so I want to make sure it’s accurate).

Melissa Caldwell
Walkie Talkie Book Club
Jillian ♣
Michelle @ The True Book Addict
Reese M.
Susan E
Jo M
Quien Sabe
cathy crane
nancy hensch

(If you are participating and I don’t have you on this list, please let me know in the comments section. I did not include people who said ‘maybe’ so if you have changed your mind and are definitely reading along with us, let me know so I can add you. Also, if you are not going to be able to join us anymore please let me know and I will take you off the list. If you go for two weeks without commenting in my weekly update comments section, I will assume you are no longer participating and will take you off of the list. This is in no way to be discouraging, but helps to keep the read-a-long organized (and helps me remember who’s completed what read-a-long…there (ahem) might be something fun for different levels of participants at the end of the year! Thanks!)

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72 thoughts on “Anna Karenina Read-a-Long :: Starting Post

    • Oh good! I need to get ahead too – I’m heading out of week after next and don’t want to get behind (and wondering if AK can keep my attention on the plane — I usually read US Magazines and such, haha!)

    • You stop AT the chapter. For example this week, when you get to Part 1 Chapter XX, you know you are finished with the week’s reading. That’s where you will pick up for the next week. Does that make sense?

  1. Wallace!

    I’m sure you know this already, but mine’s one of the “tied” links. :) I wasn’t sure you had my new web address written down, so here’s mine: Miss Bookish Girl. No rush to fix it or anything – just wanted to make sure you didn’t still have my old one saved. :)

    • No worries, post as much or little as you like — just make sure to remember to check in here on Fridays so I know you’re still with us (but you know the drill already). ;)

  2. I’m looking forward to starting this tome tonight (Friday night excitement, right?). My post is scheduled to go up tomorrow (I had a review commitment today), but I’ll be back on Fridays the rest of the time. Also, my url is wrong on the list. I comment with my wordpress account, but my blog is Thanks for organizing this readalong!

    • Oh good, thank you — I have it corrected now. No worries… you don’t have to post every Friday if you don’t want to (but of course you may do it as much as you want!). Just remember to check in here on Fridays with your comments so we know you’re still with us. ;)

  3. I am so glad to have found this (from twitter, thanks to @Jackiemania)! I have been wanting to re-read this book for a long time, and just need a kick like this! Last time it was in middle school, and I don’t remember if I finished the last 100 pages, since it was hard for a teenager to put up with the whole thing!
    I will check out this blog frequently and would love to participate in the discussion! If it’s ok, I am going to read the Chinese translation, as it’s easier for me to read Chinese. But I believe the chapter breakdown and all the contents are the same as in the English version.

    • Yes, it’s definitely helpful… plus you can write a note or two on the back of that bookmark if you need to (I printed the page, folded it in half and taped it together).

    • I’m so jealous (I love the rain)! It’s super sunny here so all I want to do is go outside… but I MUST get some reading done so I don’t fall behind. Enjoy your cozy reading day!

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  6. I would like to join in! I’m not a blogger and I’m probably going to be behind in the first 2 weeks, but I am definitely interested. Already downloaded the book on my Kindle, so please count me in :)

    • No worries, this isn’t a blogger read-a-long, it’s a reader read-a-long. :) That said — this book is very dense and I want to warn you that if you start two weeks late you may have difficulty catching up (just a fair warning, so you don’t get frustrated). Remember to check in with us even if you aren’t caught up, though, to keep your name on the list.

      The reading is actually much easier than I anticipated, so that’s a good sign and maybe catching up will be no problem at all to you!

      • Thank! :) Yes, I understand. I’m just on my midterms week and it’s getting impossible to read these days. But once I’m done I’d be good to go.

        Well, that sounds better!

    • Nope, but we are on the first week’s reading and will be discussing it on Friday — so crack open that book! :) Adding you to the list now, welcome to the read-a-long!

  7. Finally have my starting post up! I was going to dig through boxes to find my copy (still don’t have all my books unpacked…with close to 3000 to unpack, I think it’s understandable), but I think I’ll just stop by the library today and pick up a copy until I can locate mine. :)

    Here’s my post:

    I love your new read-a-long button. I now have it in the sidebar along with the book cover. I may incorporate it in a slide show with other read-a-longs. We’ll see!

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