My Favorite Reads During 2011

Below are the books I enjoyed reading the most this year. Please note these are not necessarily books that were published in 2011 (some were, many were not), but rather just my favorites of those that I had the pleasure of reading this year. If you are looking for the Best of 2011 Books actually published in 2011, please head over to the Indie Lit Awards site, where nominations are still being gathered (but only for four more days!). We will be announcing the Short Lists by mid-January, so mark your calendars for some bookstore time if you are inclined to read some great new-to-you titles. If you haven’t nominated yet, please do! We’d love to get your opinions as well.


Other news I’m excited about — the first book of one of my favorite series (the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich; and if you read this blog you know how much I love it — note that two of the books from the series made the list below) is coming out in January! See the trailer here… and if you haven’t started this series yet… hop to it!


Here are mine, what were yours?
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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Reads During 2011

    • That’s what I’m reading right now and might be added to the list if I can finish it before the 1st! Eeek! What to do with a book that was mostly read in 2011 but was finished in 2012??? Just means I need to get reading faster, I guess. :)

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    • Yes! She’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve listened to all of her books that are available on audio, but was disappointed by this year’s Unfamiliar Fishes. Did you like it?

  2. An Object of Beauty was a good one, but not a “best”. What I really enjoyed was your Villette readalong. Because of it, one of my plans for 2012 is to do less challenges ad more readalongs – planning any?

    • Yes, in fact – we’ve just started The Great Gatsby. If you look at the top of the page, under the header, there is a link to Read-a-Longs. The schedule for 2012 is posted there. See if you are interested in any of them… I’d love to have you join us!!

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