Bookish Baby Showers

(image via In My Carport)

For all of you who have the responsibility (and pleasure, of course) of throwing a baby shower for your friend – you may have noticed certain trends. Now, I have never been a trendy person, so trends tend to make me want to gag. I gravitate more towards the unique and creative… I want to be wowed (honestly, there are only so many weddings and showers – of all types – that you can go to and do the same thing over and over). Lately, some baby showers have taken a literary trend in the form of build-a-library for the baby. While I adore the idea, there are some major drawbacks to this one (which I explain today over at BookRiot). However, there are ways of doing that, and doing it well! But there are tons more ways to add a literary flair to a shower, and be unique to boot. So if you are planning a shower, head over to BookRiot today to read my piece on Bookish Baby Showers.

If you have thrown a bookish baby shower and have some unique and creative ideas to share — please do! You know how stressful it can be to put something together that is meaningful and memorable for a mother-to-be (or parents-to-be), so ideas are very welcome! OR… maybe you have a vision/dream of what your baby shower will look like when you end up having a little one – let us know what me know what they are below in the comments section.

(Please remember that the link won’t be live until 6:15 am PST)

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6 thoughts on “Bookish Baby Showers

    • Hi Diane — the disclaimer at the bottom is hard to see (sorry!) the link doesn’t work until 6:15 am PST — but it will be working as of now… so give it a try – I hope it’s helpful!

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