My Cozy Book Nooks

I’ve run into the problem of not having enough bookshelves for my books, many of them are sitting in boxes (or storage). As I wait to find the right bookshelves, and ideas for where to put them, I’ve been looking around at decorating magazines, websites, and other people’s libraries. I’ve found several personal libraries that are inspiring, but none that I can do (at least not at this time). I’ve pointed out some awesome celebrity personal libraries over on BookRiot today, but wanted to share some of my personal tiny book corners here. I don’t (and probably won’t anytime soon) have an actual library, but I do have book nooks, and am going for the relaxed, cozy, grab-a-book-and-plop-down-to-read vibe.

This is one of my favorite bookshelves… I found it in a little store around the corner from an old house that I used to live in. I luuurv it; it’s made of branches and the natural material feels super cozy to me. (By the way, that All You magazine in the magazine holder is this month’s issue and has a spread on making your own natural cleaning supplies. It’s awesome – talk about saving money and the environment in one step!)


Here’s my “classics corner” where I’ve lined up my classic titles next to a big cushy chair (the picture is dark, so you may not be able to tell that the books are lined up under the window, along the wall). One of my favorite things are the bookends that I’ve had in a box for years and years and never had a place for them until now (you can see them in the close up picture).


I keep my vintage/antique books in my bedroom on top of my dresser. I love finding old, old copies of great books, especially when you luck out and find inexpensive copies of them (and even more especially when they are inscribed with a message from long, long ago). I’ve placed mine on a beautiful handkerchief that Jacqueline recently sent me, which I am in love with!

Tell me… what would your dream book decorating scenario look like?

(Reminder: BookRiot link won’t be live until 6:15 am PST)

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10 thoughts on “My Cozy Book Nooks

    • Honestly, I start stacking books when I run out of shelves. My last house had built in shelves, so I’m at least going to buy a couple of cheapies from Target, but the ones I don’t read a ton will either stay in storage or will start to get stacked (like you zoo on the floor, or even vertically, like a table). In my old place I used a couple of vertical stacks to set things on… like telephones! Haha!

  1. I’m also having that problem. Someday I hope to have a library in a future house! My dream would be to have a library like the one in Beauty and Beast, but that will never happen. I’m just hoping I’ll get a room with built in shelves all around it with a comfy window seat. I’d also like one of those cool ladders that move along the bookshelves. Ahhh! Pure bliss!!

      • Take any natural material (cotton, linen, etc) and soak it in plain water. Prepare your tea in a big cooking pot (use cheap tea bags! I think I used about 15 tea bags and an 8 qt pot. Boil the water, plop in the tea bags and let them steep about 10 minutes. You can leave them in there, but I fished them out – maybe why it came out even?). Take your wet fabric and put into the tea bath (I think using wet fabric makes it more even too). The longer you leave it in, the darker it will become, and also different fibers take dye differently. I noticed my linen handkerchiefs came out darker than my cotton, for example). Test them every 10 minutes. They will look darker wet than when they are dry.

        When they are a color you like, take them out, rinse a bit in the sink, then run them through your washer (cold) for a cycle (I used delicate) to get all the excess tea out. I always iron my hankies dry, but you can air dry of if using a not so delicate fiber, put in dryer.

        So many hankies and napkins are shockingly white – I like them softer and aged looking so I always tea dye them :)

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  3. Wallace, I also LOVE your bookshelf. I have been searching for shelving for my poor books.
    Are the shelves solid? Do you know where they purchased it? I know this is rude but I’m fascinated with it. I’ve looked on line; hit a couple of stores that have vintage items; no luck.
    If it is one of kind..shoot :-) but if they bought it sure wish I could find a couple.
    Eva (a striped armchair) has a beautiful set but the bookcase you have would work with dark panelling..yep it is hard to find a bookcase for smaller rooms.
    Hope this doesn’t sound nosy? But it is beautiful!

    • Thanks! I actually got it at a little boutique in Los Angeles called Duet. I purchased it almost 5 years ago, and they tend to be a one-of-a-kind type of place, but they might know where to find one if you describe this one to them (or they might remember where they found it).

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