Decorating Books

I’ve been decorating (well, unpacking and trying to do some decorating) in my new place. I have a very specific vibe, and I know that decorating is very personal. You can actually tell a lot about a person by how their home looks. What pictures are they showing? What color palette do they use? Is everything store bought, or are some things homemade? Does everything match, or is there a mix of styles, colors, and textures? Are there pillows all lined up just so, or is there a lived in feel?

I tend towards the lived-in, mixed & matched (store bought/vintage/handmade), and earth toned. Some of the decorating books that I could look at a thousand times without getting sick of are below. I never use any to tell me exactly what to do, but I get inspiration from them. Do you have favorite decorating books; even the ones that you stop and look at each time you’re in the bookstore?

By the way, over at BookRiot today I’m talking about decorating a baby/child’s space in a bookish, creative way. Check it out! (Link will be live at 6:15 am PST). 

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5 thoughts on “Decorating Books

  1. Hi! This will seem bit off-topic, but the title of this post reminded me of “altered books” (=decorated books). I wonder if you know these? (Google images:
    I have very mixed feelings about them. I really like the way they look, but thinking that these are real books, makes me shiver :P

    • Oh, I think I’ve seen some of those before… but not ones using real books (you can buy fake ones at crafting stores). It actually doesn’t bother me if they are real books. I like the idea of old books, that have lost pages or were so mistreated that parts are illegible, get put to good use! Alas, I have never made anything out of a book — just my house, haha!

  2. These look fabulous! I received a copy (actually, two copies) of Design Sponge at Home for Christmas, and have been loving it so far. Young House Love, a blog I follow, also has a book coming out soon that I’ll likely purchase. I think I may have to check out A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life for the title alone!

  3. Design books are my favorite! I could never pick favorites even though they are a huge part of my personal library. I still flip through them and new ones at bookstores all the time. A comfortable space is definitely #1 for me in designing, but I’m also indecisive enough to want to change my house all the time. I also keep almost all of my “House Beautiful” and “House & Home” mags. Great inspiration!

  4. I love decorating books! As someone else mentioned, I love Design Sponge at Home. I also love the Domino Book of Decorating, Decorate by Holly Becker and HouseBeautiful’s The Home Book. I could seriously spend HOURS looking through them :)

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