Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted regularly about anything other than the read-a-longs. I was taking a bit of a breather, but that breather turned into quite a break! I’ve missed you all and appreciate people checking in (and still checking the blog for new things!). I did some brainstorming last week and hope to have a fun new posting schedule prepared for you. I’m going to mix things up here; as you can tell – I’ve already altered the design (and am hoping to do so a little more). I’m going to see how the schedule works before announcing any concrete plans, but let me know what you think! On Mondays I’d like to start sharing articles with you from around the web. Things people are buzzing about from politics to pop culture and everything in between. Not all of us have the time to read every book that comes out – but a few minutes here and there can get us through an interesting article or two, especially over a morning cup of coffee. It will give you something to talk about at the water cooler, or the park, or on that hot date you have, or on the airplane, or… anyway, I hope you find something that interests you!  xoxo

Here are some articles everyone’s buzzing about (and a few of my favorites added in)…

Can women have it all? 

Are women’s relationships with each other banal and trivial?

Rachel Maddow’s Quiet War

Still missing Norah Ephron — one of the most talented screenwriters to write about the human condition.

Are the French better book lovers?

Book Fetish Volume XXXVI

New York Times bestseller list

USA Today bestseller list

Indie bookstore bestsellers

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10 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Wallace, I love the new look of you blog! Its tres chic! And I love that you are back – missed reading your posts! I think your idea for Monday is a great one – I’m already clicking on those links – thanks! Have a Happy Monday!! Ciao!

  2. I was watching Sleepless In Seattle the other night when my 24yo son came in and plopped down, apparently too tired to do anything but watch with me. And I realized that he was laughing – a lot. He thought the plot was silly but the writing was great. That’s how brilliant Nora Ephron was.

  3. I’m going to have to change my email subscriptions to daily instead of weekly. I’m missing a lot of posts! Welcome back from your little break. I didn’t join your last read-a-long, but am looking forward to hearing what your next one will be. Looking forward to hearing about your new schedule too!

    • Aw, thank you! As soon as I see how the schedule works out – I’ll post it (the schedule will rotate a bit). Our next read-a-long is The Importance of Being Earnest. Sign Ups and more information will be up on the 26th. :)

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