Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had some friends in town and loved every minute with them. We did some shopping (of course), lots of talking and eating, and even visited San Ysidro Ranch. Have any of you been there? It’s INCREDIBLE. Absolutely beautiful. The picture above is from my friend’s camera. The entire property is breathtaking.

I’d be remiss to not mention what happened in Colorado this past Friday and the devastation that is still hanging over the community there. I wanted to take a moment to mention that none of the following links will be to that since many of us following the story all weekend, who are fortunate enough to be able to take a break from the sadness, might need one; knowing that our hearts go out to those who can’t escape the heartache of the tragedy.

Here is some reading material for this new week. I hope it’s an interesting, safe, and happier one.  xoxo

Is it creepy to see someone reading 50 Shades of Grey on the subway?

The woman who burned her Nook at a book burning because it contained the book being burned. Hmmm…

Are we too enthusiastic?

Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks most pretty girls aren’t funny… er, or they are, er… well, you know.

Joan Didion’s packing list.

Here’s to ignoring snapping turtles at every wedding you attend!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. “It was more or less men who felt like (the book) was offensive to women, but not in a way that women would think it was offensive.”

    So, in other words, women are too stupid to figure out that it’s offensive? Because men know best?

    Personally, I’m offended by the fact that the author of this dreadfully written book is raking in $1.5 million a week, but then look how much money James Patterson makes.

  2. I love the article about reading 50 Shades on the subway. I’ve been on lots of planes this summer, and maybe half of the people I’ve seen reading (men included) are reading that. It makes me feel a little skeevy, kind of like when I see that they sell porn magazine at the airport newsstand. The whole phenomenon is just a little baffling.

    • Haha, that’s what it makes me feel like too. I’ve read part of it and couldn’t get through it (the writing was SO bad, and the plot was nonexistent… I didn’t even get to the sex parts), but the point is everyone KNOWS it’s about S&M, so reading it so openly seems strange to me too – like sitting there with a Playboy on the subway acting like it’s no big deal. I guess it’s technically not, and maybe I’m being puritanical, but I’d probably not want to sit next to the dude reading a Playboy – so…

  3. I saw a young woman reading 50 shades at a Starbucks the other day, and some woman came up to her and told her she was reading trash. I mean, I have to agree, but I’m not going to berate people about it. Some people have bad taste in books, in movies, in music, but it doesn’t affect me, and I would not yell at someone around me reading it.

    JGL, on the other hand, don’t make me break up with you.

    • Oh yeah- I would never walk up to a stranger and make a comment, that’s ridiculous. I was talking to someone about this book and had a stranger do something similar… it was weird.

      Riiight? (About JGL.)

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