Featured Shop :: Brookish

How fantastic is this Pride and Prejudice proposal mug from Brookish, a Jane Austen inspired Etsy shop? Check out the pretty t-shirts, sweatshirts, tea towels, and more at the shop!

Here are some of my favorites: tote bag, framed print (how cute for an anniversary gift?!), clothes pins (I use clothes pins to hang artwork, so these would be adorable flair).

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3 thoughts on “Featured Shop :: Brookish

  1. The “I am Mr Darcy” shirts would be a neat part of a proposal if the person being asked was big on P&P. I love the scarves, and the one Emma mug would be good for a sister or sister in law

  2. Brooke is one of my dearest friends so of course I think she’s marvelous. :) But really, she’s enormously talented & kind, and her wit is a perfect match for Austen’s. She made some Dickens tea towels last Christmas that were fun – don’t know if she’s planning on doing it again this year, but I love how her things add such a lovely bookish tone to my home!

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