Featured Shop :: StudioNico

Many of us have seen this bag going around for awhile, but I just realized it’s actually for sale at StudioNico on Etsy! I may have to get one, because this is actually incredibly true for me – both in other people and in myself. Let’s put it this way, I’d feel sexier heading out the door sans make-up in jeans and a t-shirt (while using correct grammar) than all dolled up but speaking at a third grade level all day. (Also, men that know how to speak/write use big, fabulous words correctly are way hotter than those who don’t… is it just me?) What about you?

(Now I’m terrified that I’ve used incorrect grammar accidentally in this post, ha!)

3 thoughts on “Featured Shop :: StudioNico

  1. I love that! I am the kind of person who takes a picture and/or points out every grammatical error I find! I was tempted to leave a funny, grammatically incorrect comment, but I can’t seem to make myself! :)

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