Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I’m sorry I’m so late with this post – am out of town and thought yesterday was Saturday… apparently it was not. I drove down to LA this weekend and listened to one Nora Ephron book on the way down and will be listening to another on the way up (they’re pretty short), will let you know what I thought of them soon… but ย just know that I pretty much think she might be God, so there’s that.ย Here is some reading material for this week, enjoy! xoxo

Super shameless plug for Up All Night (in which my brother will be a new series regular). As he said when he sent me the article, “Look at the homeless guy next to Will Arnett.” That’s my bro. We’ll all be watching this fall, right?

Sad news, within a week the book world has lost both Maeve Binchy and Gore Vidal. We’ll miss them both. Have you read any of their works? Which were your favorites?

Do grades matter in school?

Five things you didn’t know about Kate Middleton.

Are sword fights over mistreated books a bit much?

New York Times bestsellers for this week.

Independent booksellers bestsellers for this week.

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Wallace, I love that pic you have for today’s post! And I’m glad you posted these links – I definitely enjoy checking them out ;) I’m like that too, when I go away, I get caught up in being away that I forget what day it is. Nora Ephron – I need to check out her writing – I hear it is Ah-maz-ing! And, I have yet to read any Binchy of Vidal – hmmm. perhaps we should do a shared read or something? Hope you are having a a fab Monday! Ciao!

    • YOU HAVE TO read her books. You’ll love them. She’s brilliant. The two that I’m reading are essay style, so very easy reads.

      I’ve read half of The City and the Pillar (Vidal) and several Binchy’s. Hers are fantastic comfort reads, and she has an uncanny ability to portray different types of people. Plus, most of her books are set in Ireland, so it’s hard not to love that!

      (And thanks for saying you’ll be watching the show!)

  2. I read Lincoln by Vidal a few years ago and found it rather gripping, not read anything else though alas.

    Also, whilst I’ve no idea if Up all night will be making its way transatlantically hither anytime soon, (a) Your brother has cool beardage, and (b) looks rather like a slim Simon Russell Beale :)

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