Whatcha Reading?

(a friend sent this to me last week – I thought it was fitting)

I’m going to be lazy today – but I DO actually want to know the answer to this question…

What are you reading RIGHT NOW (even if you’re embarrassed about it, even if it’s not good)?

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39 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading?

  1. Diving Belles by Lucy Wood and my O magazine ( I finally got my copy in the post). Although I’m tempted to stop reading Diving Belles and pick up my copy of The Age of Miracles. Hmmm.

    • I’m reading The Age of Miracles slowly (along with other things). It’s very interesting. Doesn’t pull me keep me keep turning pages, but I’m interested in the concept.

    • I have that one on my pile waiting to be read. I can’t decide if it will be super strange, depressing, or what. But fun is good! Now I’m more tempted to pick it up.

      • It’s maybe a bit strange and slightly depressing, but the writing is really lively and vibrant, and I am loving every inch of it! Definitely pick it up :)

  2. RIGHT NOW I am reading blogs. Heh.

    After I clear out Google Reader, though, I will be reading Dancing Girls, a book of short stories written by Margaret Atwood.

  3. Love the cartoon. I’m reading “The Three Coffins” by John Dickson Carr. It’s supposed to be the greatest of locked-room mysteries. We’ll see.

  4. I’m working on The Count of Monte-Cristo~ I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but the pace is picking up and I’m really enjoying it.

  5. A Partial History of Lost Causes. It alternates between two narrators, one I love and one I find soooo tedious. I keep thinking of stopping but then it alternates back to the character I care about!

  6. Currently re-reading Brian Lumley’s amazing Necroscope series. Telepathic mind-wars between vampires and humans set in the midst of the cold-war. Why these books were never filmed is beyond me – like an R-rated Harry Potter.

    Mainly because my wife has stolen the Kindle. I leant it to her to read the Hunger Games series, and now she won’t give it back – she’s currently reading the Fire And Ice series – a great crime saga set in Iceland if you don’t know it.

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