Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I had a fantastic weekend visiting with friends. Some came up mid-week and then others joined along the way. We saw The Campaign (SO funny) and then came home and watched Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K., on Netflix, while drinking wine… makes for some good times – I highly recommend it. It was sad to say goodbye (isn’t it always?) and I can’t believe that this long weekend, which I’ve been looking forward to, is already over! Good news… my weather app promises it’s going to drop into the 80’s. It better not be lying or we are going to get into a serious fight. Did any of you do, read, see anything interesting over the weekend?

Here is some reading material for this week, enjoy! xoxo

Those of you who love Aaron Sorkin (like I do) will like this.

Is it just me or has The Strand added to their Author’s Bookshelf? I LOVE this feature of their site. Am thinking of a last minute hop over to NYC (a friend is convincing me to join her there, and I’m very seriously considering it – trying to see if I could work in a meeting or two to make it feel productive).

Have you seen this summer reading flowchart? It’s awesome.

The other week in the comments section, Nadia shared this link to a piece that Lena Dunham wrote about Nora Ephron and it was so great I need you all to see it.

Did you know that mimicking the behavior of people you are talking to makes you appear friendlier?

What do you think of this? Female celebs took to Twitter a few days ago talking about how men don’t get fired for cheating. Do we have a double standard?

Also sent to me by a reader (and fun for our Oscar Wilde read-a-longers)… Wilde in the house!

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One thought on “Happy Monday!

  1. Wallace, so glad you enjoyed what Dunham wrote about Ephron – it was so good! Thanks for all the interesting links to check out – heading over to the Sorkin one now :) Hope you are having a Happy Monday!

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