Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! This weekend was so nice and cool (and by cool, I mean in the 80’s instead of the 90’s). I can’t tell you how much this winter queen enjoyed that. Back to our regular programing of hot (and hotter) weather now, apparently. Also saw a terrible movie, the new Bourne movie. I’m am a wimp and a half and this movie hardly got my adrenaline pumping. One of the best things about it was that my girl crush, Rachel Weisz (how beautiful is she?!?), was in it.

I also had a couple of lazy mornings reading and enjoying keeping the windows open and getting so cold that I actually had to put a blanket over myself. What did you do/read this weekend?

Here is some reading material for this week, enjoy! xoxo

Houston’s littlest library.

The official guide to legitimate rape. (Jezebel.com’s views on Todd Akin’s comments.)

I’m in love with everything here.

Women on Instagram… by the way, I’m on Instagram now, I’m “wallaceyovetich”. (Am I the last person on Earth to join this site???)

Prince Harry is Very, Very Sorry for Letting Everyone See His Prince Hairy.

Boys on the Side… how much have dating relationships changed in the past decade or so?

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6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I’m such a fan of the first three Bourne movies (I think they make a perfect, complete set of films) that I can’t pull myself to watch the new one. Plus, I’ve heard of no one that likes it! This weekend I read my first Jess Walter novel, Citizen Vince, and it was good enough to make me want to read more by Walter. Also, I watched a couple of early talkies, The Naughty Flirt (1931) and Loose Ankles (1930).

    • I really liked the first three as well — I was covering my face and biting my nails the whole time… this new one is nothing like them.

      How did you like the Jess Walter book? Beautiful Ruins is getting so much press, I’ve thought of reading it — but have been made nervous by the hype.

      • I first heard about Citizen Vince on another blog I read (The New Dork Review of Books), so when I found a great copy at a used bookstore last weekend, I picked it up. What’s strange about the book is that when I first read about it and even when I read the dust jacket, I kept thinking, “Wait, what? WHAT is the book actually about?” When I was about 50 pages in, my girlfriend asked me what it was about, and I said something like, “There’s an ex-con in witness protection, he steals credit cards, works at a donut shop, hangs out with prostitutes–oh, and it’s the 1980 election, and Reagan and Carter factor in as well…” and on and on, and she was as confused as I initially had been. The great thing, though, is that when you are in the process of reading it, it’s very interesting and compelling, not confusing at all, and it all starts coming together before too long. Walter is trying to say something by setting the novel during the 1980 presidential election (using voting as a metaphor), but I’m not sure that aspect of the novel really works.

        • Yes, picking a book off of a Greg recommendation is a good idea. Besides the non-working metaphor, it actually sounds interesting (or at least diverting). I might have to give it a try.

    • Me too. Although the new Resident Evil looks like it will be good. I haven’t seen any of the others, so I’ve rented the first and am going to try to watch them all before the new one comes out. (I kind of like it when it’s a girl kicking the ass.)

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