Will You Read It? How to Be a Woman.

Since Jezebel chose How to Be a Woman as their newest book club read – I’ve started noticing it everywhere. This weekend, while at the bookstore, I picked it up to flip through the pages. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud – and that was only because I was with two guys and didn’t want to have to show them what I was laughing about… I’ll give you a hint, it had to do with pubic hair (and it’s not the one quoted on the Jezebel page).

Apparently Caitlin Moran doesn’t hold back – and I really, really love that in general (probably because I’m so bad at doing it), so I’m guessing that I’ll love that about her.

Have you heard of or read this book? Are you planning to? I’m in – I need to see what else this woman has to say. Check out the Jezebel link to read some quotes from the book.

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18 thoughts on “Will You Read It? How to Be a Woman.

  1. I heard of it a while ago, because its been published in the UK for a while now, I think. I was considering it, since it sounded funny from the review that brought it to my attention. But I would probably wait to see if one of the libraries carries it, since memoirs aren’t really my genre of choice.

      • My hesitation is more of a never being drawn to biographies or memoirs. I only read them if required for a class. Reading Bossypants was more of a “OK ALRIGHT ALREADY. Its awesome, I guess I’ll borrow it” kind of read. And it was very good, but not something I had to own. Can always buy later if want it. Just need to clear out my LA County waiting list so it will let me put more holds out.

        • I totally get that. By the way, I wasn’t into Bossypants either… I’ve never met another of my kind – hello there. :)

          If you want a really funny woman memoir, read Sarah Silverman’s Bedwetter.

  2. Fantastic book – part memoir, part manifesto the perfect mix of funny and moving – I’m a huge Caitlin Moran fan, her mazagine column and tv review piece are the first things I make a beeline for in The Times on a Saturday morning. Her twitter feed is a hoot too, an all round good egg.

  3. I’m currently reading it, but keep putting it down. I don’t know if I’ve just read too much recently and my brain is shut off, or if it’s too soon after I read Mindy Kaling and Jenny Lawson’s memoirs, but I just can’t seem to get immersed in it. I’m still trying, this post has convinced me to give it another go!

    • Yeah, I think after Wild I’ll be ready for some humor, but I might not be able to read all of the memoirs you mentioned in a row. Heather (below) sounds like she had a similar experience to yours.

  4. I just finished reading it and should have a review up soon. It’s a good read, and somewhat problematic at the same time. There were lots of things I really liked about it, a couple things I really loved, and a few parts that made me pretty mad. Overall, it’s a decent read.

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