Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I was out of town this weekend for an engagement party (see above; I’m on the right – my super wonderful, pretty friend on the left shall go unnamed to protect her privacy). I’m tired, and though I have a slew of articles to share with you – they will need to wait until next week. My weary eyes won’t stay open long enough for me to link them all. I thought maybe this week you all could share an article that you’ve read and liked recently! Please only share one link (if you post more, WordPress sends them to comment purgatory where I have to go find them and do penance to get them out).

Looking forward to some good reading material! xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

    • Oh my gosh – thank you for this article.. inspiring (and I’m relating to it very much right now). I love interviews with authors because I feel like someone who is so used to paying such close attention to the details of their words always make for a different kind of interview than other people. It reads like a story.

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