Will You Read It? Wards of Faerie.

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, rejoice… a new book-crush is here. At number three on the New York Times Hardcover Best Seller list this week, Wards of Faerie is the first in a new series by Terry Brooks. For those of you who fall in love with this book, you’ll be happy to know that, while you will have to wait for the next in this series to come out, you can visit the three decades worth of Brooks’ work that involves Elven and Faerie lore.

Has anyone read this book yet? Planning on it? I’m about to download a sample to my Nook – I’m itching to see if it can be my next page-turner.

6 thoughts on “Will You Read It? Wards of Faerie.

  1. I’ve read only one series (I think it was a trilogy) by Brooks and I really enjoyed it. However, I think the only way I might be reading this one is if my sister buys it (she likes his works) or my library stocks it.

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