Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I had a very low-key yet productive one. I finally painted some counters in my house, that have needed to be painted since I moved in (almost six months ago!). They used to be orange… like 1970’s/1980’s orange – not pretty. I had painted the walls (which were dark brown to go with the orange counters) cream when I moved in, but had neglected the counters. They are now a deep cranberry color called “Fine Wine”. I also put together some furniture that had been put on the back-burner. Soooo, I was a very tired girl by the time the night came (I was doing all of this in almost 100 degree weather with no air conditioning, mind you). Early nights and productive days… good way to spend the weekend. What did you do this weekend; anything fun? Read anything good?

Because I’m in a good mood from getting stuff done (LOVE that feeling) this week’s articles are all good or funny news – hope it starts your week off right, enjoy! xoxo

Have you seen the bear-hug yet?

Cutest animal kisses ever.

What would you do if you found this?

Oh those darn kilts.

This looks just like my mom when she was a toddler. Love this picture.

Perfect baby costume… we all want to eat them up anyway, right? Kind of love this one too for non-walkers.

10 Movies to instantly cheer you up. (Disclaimer: I was not perusing Tango, looking for love or a cure for loneliness… this was linked through a header that said 10 Best Movies to Make You Feel Cheerful. Just had to make that clear before people started commenting or e-mailing me to check in. ;))

4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Fun- having a Castle marathon instead of cleaning the house I guess qualifies. Not so much the taking the car in for service and having to add brake service =\

    Sounds like all you were missing was some avocado green something or other for that 70s/80s trifecta

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