Make Your Own Bookish Envelopes

I love DIY projects, and have been pinning more and more of them on Pinterest now that I’m having a weekly crafting night with a friend (if you’d like you can follow my DIY/Craft board). At first I wondered what I would make – it’s been awhile since I’ve been creative with my hands (writing doesn’t count… that’s with my brain). And then I looked at my to-do list and found there are several things I could make instead of buy (or cards I could send instead of e-mails). Last night was the first of these crafting nights and I got SO MUCH DONE. I made packets for all of the bridesmaids that are in the wedding that I’m Maid of Honor in. I’d show them to you, but the ladies haven’t gotten them yet – so I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Instead, today I’ll share with you one of the projects I want to do next. It’s simple really, and everyone can do it. I remember making my own envelopes when I was away at camp and sending my letters to family and friends in them. So, after pinning the above picture and how-to article, I grabbed a copy of Pride and Prejudice that was being given away and intend to use it for crafting projects (in particular making envelopes). How wonderful would a P & P envelope be? So, how about it – would you (or do you) make your own envelopes?

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