Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I’m going to keep it short and sweet this morning. I’ve created a Facebook page for Unputdownables. Last week, I did a poll and the result was that most of you thought it would be nice to be able to get updates on Facebook since you check your feed there already. Soooo, if you are on Facebook, here is the link to the Unputdownables Page in case you want to “like” it. Would love to see you all there! I’ll be posting all of the regular Unputdownables posts as well as some other fun things I come across (and good articles to read, which you are missing this week since I’m taking up this post with this announcement). I’ll also do my best to remember to post my BookRiot articles there for those of you who enjoy reading those!

6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I seem to be able to keep up with my fav blog better if I’m reminded not only by email but also by Twitter or FB that there’s new content there :) Glad you’ve decided to join the ranks :)

  2. I’m glad you made the FB page. It gives people the option to follow you if they want to, and doesn’t take that much time! I actually love how I can use it to post simple things that might not be perfect for my blog, like a picture, or a silly comment about books, or just say thank you to those people who follow me!

    • Oh fantastic – do you have any tips for me? I wish the pages allowed a news feed so that you could easily see stories and share them on your page.

      Do you find it annoying to switch between your personal page and website page – or have you figured out a way to do that effortlessly?

      • It’s super annoying. I found it impossible (or close to it) to switch on my iPhone. Maybe there’s a way, but I have no idea how to do it. When I first started, I posted and commented as the wrong person/page so many times, I felt like I was always making corrections. I still mess up, but it’s better now.

        You do have a news feed, but only for the people you follow on your page, (click at the top, you should be able to find it) so it’s like you have to check 2 news feeds: your page and your personal. It’s not the most convenient, but I like that I can use FB for this. I actually have a few people who said they only check my blog when I post about it on FB (to which I want to respond, PLEASE JUST FOLLOW ME ON MY BLOG) but everyone has their own ways to follow blogs, and as long as people are reading the posts, who cares where they get the info from?

        It’s just another way to spread the word about all of the fun stuff we write about!

        Good luck with it! I honestly think it’s a great outlet to have, even if you didn’t want to use it all the time.

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