Autumn Reading

Happy fall everyone! I know it happened a few days ago but I forgot to mention it yesterday – I was too excited to tell you all about the new Facebook page.

Do you have any fall favorites or recommendations to get people in the seasonal mood? Here are a few starters, I’ll share more as we go through the season (and of course some extras as we get closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving)!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Reading

  1. Cider House Rules is a favorite of mine for any time of year, but it does seem to fit Autumn very nicely :) I haven’t read Deborah Harkness yet but NEED to soon. Jane Eyre is another good pick for the season and actually what I’m going to start with :)

    • Jane Eyre would be good. Wuthering Heights is certainly making me crave the fall weather… those Brontรซ sisters know how to write stories that make you want to cuddle up under blankets and read!

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