Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I’m on an organizational kick, so guess what this week’s articles are about? You got it, organizing! Of course, organizing leads to some DIY projects, so I had to throw one or two of those in as well (sorry if this isn’t your thing)! I have been in my house for about six months now; rooms are organized, things are painted, furniture put together – all is well, except for my office. It’s the only room that I’ve let stay somewhat unorganized. Sooooo, I’m very excited (weird?) to put it together. Only, when something is such a blank canvas, it can be a little tricky to know where to start, and since I’ve never had an official office space before I’ve never put one together (so therefore it really is a blank slate for me). However, after reading through many magazines and articles I’m happy to find that I’m a more organized person than I thought… all the way down to folding my underwear and placing them correctly (per some of these articles) in the drawer – who knew?! (Are you laughing at me right now?)

How about you? Are you organized, do you wish you were more organized, or are you happy in your chaos? I found an article about the best ways to organize your books and will be sharing some of those ideas soon as well!

This Do You Keep It guide for personal paperwork is priceless!

Here’s a DIY Car Kit (I have some of this in my car, but not organized… how much better would this be?). Also, Martha has some great ideas for car kits too. Mix and match for what best suits your needs.

Various home office solutions.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these. Am I the only one?

I don’t use these, but if you’re a newbie they might be useful (see, I’m not the only one who does this type of organizing).

25 important documents you should have and where to keep them.

Where to keep giveaway items so they don’t end up back in your house.

Are you a magazine hoarder (I am!)? If you’re going to keep them, might as well keep them organized.

I have pretty organized closets, but I need to better organize my travel sized items. This inspired me on how I want to do it.

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