What are YOU reading?


I’ve been reading through the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich (among other things), as I mentioned the other week (or maybe it was last week?). What are you reading right now?

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46 thoughts on “What are YOU reading?

  1. Just finished “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier and now working the “The Shining” by Stephen King. I read the Stephanie Plum series last winter and loved them :-)

  2. I just finished “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I didn’t love it. Besides “Wuthering Heights”, I am about to start “Between Shades of Grey” which was recommended to me by my cousin. I am also dying to get into “Winter of the World” but I’m waiting until we finish Wuthering.

      • I think it’s a stand-alone book. It is required reading for my cousin, who is in 8th grade and almost as big a bookworm as I am. Anyway she read it and immediately thought of me so I’m curious!

      • Yes Wallace, barbed wire and a leaf. Just started it last night and I can tell it’s going to be a good one! Also..I would love if someone dissected the reason people like the 50 Shades books, because I sure as heck can’t understand it! :) (May be a little unfair since I never read them though lol)

  3. I’m just finishing up Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. I love it. Next up is The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny.

      • Louise Penny’s books are mysteries so there is, of course, some element of tension or scariness. However, I find her books more thoughtful than frightening and the characters are well developed and usually quite likeable. I’ve read all of her novels and always eagerly await the next one. I highly recommend her books!

    • I have just finished that! It is spectacular, do you like it so far? I did a marathon of Game of Throne for 3 months, and now I really feel I need a break…
      I am reading Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier, set in Lyme. It reminds me of Austen’s Persuasion, although it is a completely different story.

      • I’d suggest you to read the series first, so many more details and stories, it is really catching. Then watch the show. I did it simultaneously for a while, but it was wrong, I couldn’t enjoy neither properly. They are both brilliant, but still different. What do you think Sarah?

        • I definitely agree! There are so many back stories and detailed information in the books. I don’t know if I could have followed the series as well if I hadn’t read the books.

  4. I’m re-reading lots of well loved books to prepare for their upcoming sequels. I just finished the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series and (after I finish Mark of Athena) I’m moving on to The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

  5. Dearie, by Bob Spitz. It’s hard to believe that any more could be written about Julia Child, but this book is hard to put down. Amazing story of her life.

      • I just finished (and will review it on my blog within the next few days) and it was a tough read. I enjoyed her writing style, but I didn’t get the ending at all! I still would read her other books, at least try one more, because I feel like there’s something good there, I just didn’t get it in the ending of the book.

  6. Sad to say I haven’t read it SOONER…The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Halfway through and then will start Lasher. Love the Stephanie Plum series. I’m on book 8. Well, shouldn’t say that. I am between 7 and 8. Need to read 8.

    • I’m the same- between books 7 & 8. I haven’t read ANY Anne Rice. However, last time I was in L.A. I took the first three books from the Vampire Lestat series from a friend’s house… she says they are some of her favorite books ever.

      • Well, hopefully we’ll both move on to book 8 in that series soon. I’ve loved the first 7, so am assuming that the series will only get better. I thought I was the only one to have never read Anne Rice! Well, I lie…I have read one other one (it was a stand alone). I can’t remember the name, although it was good. Not as good as The Witching Hour though. It’s a great autumn book. I have Interview With The Vampire and will read the vampire series probably sooner than later.

  7. Right now, I’m tackling four books (three fiction, one non-fiction): “Repo Men” by Eric Garcia, “Storm Glass” by Maria V. Snyder, “A Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling, and “Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His” by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer (and, no, that one isn’t fiction!). :)

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