Happy Monday!

Good Morning! Happy Monday, all. I hope you had a lovely week last week. I took it off and ended up getting some extra things done around the house that needed to be done. I had hurt my back the week before and needed some catching up time, so it seemed a good time to take a little break from the computer. (Pinterest excluded, of course, because who can take a break from Pinterest? Not me.)

Fall was almost in full swing here, a little rain, a lot of cool (even turned the heater on for about an hour – woot, woot!), and maybe some Christmas carols were played (like, maybe definitely – I couldn’t help it!)… but now it has decided to creep back into the 80’s. What?! Good thing a trip to Chicago is coming up so I can actually wear my jacket before fall is over. By the way, we all know the rule about capitalization with seasons, right? The teacher in me can’t help but notice how many people in my Facebook feed keep capitalizing fall in instances where it’s not warranted. Only at the beginning of the sentence (naturally) or when it is part of a name (i.e. Fall Festival, Fall Fever, etc.) does a season get capitalized. Don’t believe me? Refer to one of my favorite sites (yes, I know I’m a dork).Β Am sure you all know this already (you read this blog, I know you’re SMART), but I have to make sure my Unputdownables readers are in the know. ;)

Here are some articles for you so you annoy people with your random knowledge this week! xo

Should novels be historically accurate?

Am almost finished with the third season of Big Love, so naturally I’m drawn to this new biography.

This story by Christiane Amanpour needs to be read, but please note – it is not light, and it is distressing. However, ignoring what’s happening allows evil to win. Read it, share it.

Thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t find this, while going for a morning stroll.

What do you think about Minnie Mouse’s makeover?

And, lastly, here’s something we can all be thankful for this week! (AMEN to this! Eek!)

4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I love that Grammar Girl is one of your favorite websites! It has changed my life :P

    Ew, Skinny Minnie Mouse is really frightening. As if young girls don’t have enough body image pressure without making an 80-year-old cartoon character freakishly skinny.

    • I always refer to her… and I’m always disappointed when she doesn’t cover the topic I’m looking for (because then I’m lost with who to trust)!

      I know – why use Minnie Mouse at all? I don’t get it.

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