Literary Travel: Sweden

Place: Sweden. As I write this, it’s 37 degrees in Stockholm, Sweden. I am SO jealous. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I am a winter girl. I blame it on the fact that I was born in January (coldest month of the year) in one of the worst storms of the decade in the Chicago area (the snow was above our garage). It doesn’t hurt that I was raised in Illinois and Colorado – both places where I got my dearly beloved cold weather in spades. Not so much here in California where I have to pretend it’s cold by reading about it… or possibly scouring the Weather Channel’s website for cold places and pretending I’m traveling there sometime soon. Let’s have a go at Sweden shall we?

What to Pack:

7 Days in Sweden
I’m one of those annoying light packers. If I’m going to be traveling to more than one city, I want to be taking a carry on. It’s not fun to struggle with your bag while jumping on trains and planes, and even less so in bulky coats and mittens. Above I’ve included enough clothes for a week or a week and a half (and then, honestly, once you’ve got a week’s worth of clothes – you can be gone for as long as you want thanks to a brilliant invention called a washing machine). For those of you who groan about clothes without color, I added  scarves and earrings (and nail polish if you really want an extra pop of color). I try to keep things mix-and-matchable when traveling, and neutrals are easiest for that. The hard part about going to cold weather? The bulk of the clothes and needing multiple pairs of shoes (one is bound to get wet and be uncomfortable if it’s raining or snowing). How’d I do? What could you NOT live without that I forgot (of course, I’m assuming you’d add your undergarments and toiletries)?

What to Do: I’ve never been to Sweden, so I can’t give you any personal recommendations. However, I love the New York Times travel section and boy do they have space dedicated to Sweden on their website! It makes me want to go even more than I already wanted to. Sigh and swoon!

What to Read: 

Have you been to Sweden? Any recommendations for my future dream trip? Favorite books or authors from there (or books set there)?

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12 thoughts on “Literary Travel: Sweden

  1. This is a brilliant post. I love the idea! I don’t have any particular books to recommend about Sweden, but I want to be out there with all those cute clothes reading around a mug of tea. I would love to see what other countries/cities you come up with!
    I’m also a little worried about the Pandora’s box that may have just opened with this whole NY Times Travel Guide…

  2. Go for the northern parts, Norrbotten and Lapland, enjoy the midnight sun (if summer) or the northern lights (if winter). Visit the Tree hotel in Harads, amazing! Or the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Tornedalen with it’s beautiful landscape during summer. Hike in the mountains “fjällen”: Sarek, Lapporten. So beautiful! See the rapids in Storforsen. Go fish in the Kalix river and enjoy the archipelago with the most beautiful islands Sandskär and Malören. Look me up and I’ll buy you coffee ;)

  3. I read ‘Let Me In’ in one sitting during a thunderstorm in Tahoe last summer – it was that good. Chilling and unsettling but utterly fantastic!

      • Thrilling and somewhat graphic at times, it was more suspenseful than scary, but it definitely made my skin crawl.

        One of my favorite Swedish novels is April Witch by Majgull Axelsson. I read it a couple of years ago, captivated by the cover at first, but actually enjoyed it overall.

  4. I’m a winter girl too, Wallace, and I live in….Tennessee. Ugh! I do miss my Michigan winters. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. I really want to move to Vermont, or Sweden would also be great. :)

    I LOVED Let Me In! What a great book. I have another Swedish recommendation for you. Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman. It was an excellent book too.

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