Happy Monday!

Good Morning! Happy Monday, all.

Since I’m traveling, today’s post will be about YOU. What have you been reading over the weekend? Finish anything great? Read any articles that I might like? Please share!

For more bookish fun, you can (as always) check out my Facebook page! xo

P.S. Did any of you watch the ‘Ethel’ documentary last week about Ethel Kennedy? Bobby is my favorite Kennedy, so I thought it was incredibly interesting. Right now I’m listening to the JFK oval office conversations that Caroline Kennedy just published (along with a book form transcript for each conversation.) Here’s an article about the documentary (warning, one of the photos towards the end is after the shooting of RFK as he is dying — can you believe such pictures are allowed to be taken?!?).

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4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Happy Travels!

    I finished The End of Your Life Book Club over the weekend. Loved it! A perfect memoir about family, books/reading, and death. Sad, yes, but also honest and uplifting.

    Re: the RFK photo — I’m also horrified by the photos of Marilyn Monroe’s body that just randomly appear in image searches of her and on the newsstand at grocery stores! It seems that even in the 60s we couldn’t control what people would snap and share :(

    • I was wondering about that book! Good to know you liked it – I’ve been thinking of picking it up.

      Yes! So surprised that even then there wasn’t privacy even in death.

  2. I need a light read so I read Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs while trying to convince the dog to stay off her feet (which is a loosing battle). Better story than a few of the last ones.

    Can’t agree with happy Monday. Not a fan of them myself (other than Monday tv), but the dog kept waking me up during the night, then the cat. Hadn’t heard of that documentary. I’ve been busy catching up on Call the Midwife, Upstairs Downstairs and other things I had on the DVR.

    • I missed the first episode of Upstairs, Downstairs but caught the second (& am DVRing the season). So glad they’re doing another season – and a full one at that!

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