Spooky Reads For Halloween

Ok, people. I know I’m a total wimp when it comes to scary books (TOTAL WIMP). However, I know not all of you are – and plenty of you probably like to use this time of year as an excuse to get your creepy on. So, I’m going to share a few titles that I own (but am too frightened to read), and then will open the floor to those of you who really know what you’re talking about in the spooky department. I used to LOVE scary books and movies as a kid – I thought it was so fun to get scared, my mom, not so much. She hated that I read and watched scary things so often because it meant no sleep for her. You’re welcome, mama! However, as I got older that changed. My theory? I lived in a house jam-packed full of people when I was growing up, so (come to think of it) I was pretty much never alone in the house. Not too much to be scared of, or at least not impossible to coerce someone to sit up with you when you were scared (that 7th grade slumber party viewing of Candyman had a negative annoying-to-my-family impact for several years after… you’re welcome, family!). So, unless I can figure out how to get a bodyguard, who will double as a nursemaid, I may not be reading these for awhile.

On my list of scary-for-me reads:

Before you mention it, yes I realize Stephen King is not on this list. It’s because I can’t even bring myself to read the descriptions of his horror books, the man FREAKS ME OUT. I have read a non-horror work of his, and seen some of the movies based on his books – but have heard they’re not the same. So you’ll have to do the recommending there. Also missing from this list: The Amityville Horror. I also saw that in movie version at (probably) too young of an age, and I still won’t set my alarm clock to _ _:15! I kid you not.

Ok readers, who are not afraid of the dark… have at it. Give me your scariest! (And while you’re at it, any tricks to NOT being afraid… or are you just naturally brave?)

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6 thoughts on “Spooky Reads For Halloween

  1. I loved We Have Always Lived in a Castle…Shirley Jackson is a favorite as well, especially her short story The Lottery (and I’m not a short story fan). I like the gothic, dark, leave something to the imagination kindof scary read rather than the “let’s see how many people we can stalk and murder in the most creative ways” kinda Halloween reads.
    I’ve just finished Gone Girl and need to try Sharp Objects…hated the characters in Gone Girl though and wanted to throw the book against the wall at the end (but I still liked it :p

  2. I’m one of those people who uses this time of year as an excuse to read scary titles! As a matter of fact, I devote the entire month of October to posts about horror/thriller titles on my blog. A favorite of mine is Susan Hill (Woman in Black). Phenomenal atmospheric thriller. Jonathan Maberry writes a great zombie novel, books that truly examine the human condition and the state of our society.

  3. I’ve got several of these on the shelves, too, although I don’t think I haven’t read them because I’m afraid to … or maybe I am. I read scary books only in the day time. Books about monsters don’t frighten me so much as books about unexplainable things do or real life scary things. If it could happen, I am a giant weenie.

  4. I’m totally with you on this, and with that kitten too, so I’ll steer clear of those titles. (I did read one book by Stephen King and could not sleep for months. I even have problems with Gaiman at times, for much that I love his books!)

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