Recycled Book Keepsake Box

I ABSOLUTELY plan to make this keepsake box (or several and give them as gifts). This project will probably be a bit easier than the bookbinding project from last week, but they (obviously) serve very different purposes.

Since I didn’t makeup this project, nor are the instructions included in the photo, I’m going to refer you to the very short instruction page on the Better Homes and Gardens website. If you would like to follow my Craft/DIY board on Pinterest (where I originally bookmarked this project) you can find it here.

So, what do you think? Would you attempt this one? If you have any fun bookish Crafty/DIY projects up your sleeve, please share!

7 thoughts on “Recycled Book Keepsake Box

  1. I tried doing something similar many moons ago with an old library discard, but I didn’t get very far with the exacto knife. But I didn’t have instructions, was just going on my own.

    If this is tried, I’d suggest saving the pages cut for other crafts too

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