Paring Down Our 2013 Read-a-Long List

Oh my… this is going to go down as the Post of the Polls! I know it looks daunting, but hopefully it will be more fun than tedious! I have listed the three books that will absolutely be on the Read-a-Long schedule for 2013. I have given you a bit of information so you can see how the how quickly or slowly the clip of this Read-a-Long season could be run.

Then, I have taken your suggestions into account (if not all specifically, then in general, though several specifically – I did have to be selective about making sure all of the titles I’ve offered are ones that I would like to read as well). Below, I have divided them into sections so that you can let me know which you are MOST interested in.

Realistically we read 5-7 books per year; not all that many – don’t forget it takes a couple of months to get through each one. So, this year I am also adding the option to vote for going faster in our pace of reading. Examples of this are underneath the three books I’ve listed below. Please be realistic in both your vote for pace and the books you are voting for, and also with the books you are choosing. Though you may have had a book on your Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Say I’ve Read This shelf for ages, will you interest you enough to actually stick with it once we get going? I find that people often have high hopes, but if they are not entertained – they are not interested. Therefore, may I encourage you to choose which book sounds most engaging to you, not most prestigious? Better a book read than a book wished to be read. ;)

Also, I’ll take the poll results very seriously, but ultimately I will need to choose the final books by which will best fit our timeline and look the most interesting to everyone (me included). So, if you wonder why a book won a poll but isn’t featured – it may just be because it was too long to fit into the schedule without knocking two other titles off the list.

For Sure on the 2013 List:

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Our Russian Lit of the year – a recommendation of Jacqueline, who has participated in every single Read-a-Long.)

576 pages (read in 2 months = 10 pages/day; read in 3 months = 7 pages/day)


Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë (We have read Charlotte and Emily in the past two years, we can’t forget Miss Anne!)

256 pages (read in 1 month = 9 pages/day; read in 2 months = 5 pages/ day)


Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell (I adore Elizabeth Gaskell, and have been aching to read this book. I’ve seen the MP presentation of it and IT IS SO GOOD, and sure the book is even better!)

720 pages (This will be read in 3 months, which will make it 9 pages/day)

And let the polls begin!

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27 thoughts on “Paring Down Our 2013 Read-a-Long List

    • I’m so glad! I woke up this morning excited to see what people were choosing and realized I had scheduled the post incorrectly and it hadn’t posted! Haha! So NOW I’ll be looking at it all day, making sure it’s there and looking at the polls like a little kid. :)

  1. Thank you for the polls and for taking our opinions into consideration so much! I am actually looking forward to a couple of the titles up there, but it seems most people are not voting the same titles I am :-( Oh well, I’m sure looking forward to some fun readalongs with you and the rest of the readers, it’s been one of the best experiences in my reading year! :-)

  2. Some of those it was hard to pick just one. I think I will be up for definites.

    And personally, I like more of a slower pace for the larger books, but a bit of a faster pace for shorter books, unless its this time of year, when things get holiday crazy.

  3. That was fun! Excited to see the final list. Thanks so much for hosting the read-a-longs, Wallace! I get so much more out of the readings when we all discuss them.

  4. I’ve never done a read-a-long before, so I’m really happy about these fantastic books for my first one!

    I really hope Les Mis makes the cut- I absolutely adore the musical (my all time favourite!) but I’ve never actually read the book before. And of course I never need an excuse to re-read any Jane Austen novel :)

  5. I’m already excited about next year. You’ve got me reading books I probably wouldn’t read on my own, and the discussions are so informative. Thanks for all you do. This is the first year I’ve joined in,and now you’ve become someone new to add to my “grateful for” list this Thanksgiving!!!

    • Aw, you’re so sweet! I’m glad you’re enjoying them – I really do to… I feel like I’ve gotten to know so many very wonderful people through them (and the blog) as well. :)

  6. So incredibly difficult to pick just one in the biography section. So many exceptional choices! (I will admit that in all the polls listed, I am pulling for Rebecca the most. Oh that booook. Utterly fantastic.)

  7. Thanks for reminding me how much I love polls! There are some fantastic choices in there, so I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll live up to one of my New Year’s Resolutions to participate in one of your Read-A-Longs…and actually finish the book with the group. In fact, that just became a New Year’s Resolution for me. :)

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