Tutorial: Turn Paperback Books into Custom Hardbacks!


How about turning paperback books into custom hardback books, either for decorating purposes or for gifts?

about 1/3 yard of cotton fabric
glue stick
one sheet of cardstock

1. Lie your book on the cardboard and trace it. I used white cardboard because the fabric I used is pretty thin and I was afraid brown cardboard would show through. Add 1/4 inch to the height of the cover you traced, and subtract 1/4 inch from the width. Cut out 2 like this with a sharp craft knife. Also trace the spine. Add 1/4 inch to both the height and the width, and cut it out.

2. Cut a piece of fabric that is 17 inches wide and 11 inches high. Adhere the fabric to a piece of cardstock as shown in the photo (sort of folded in half like a book around the cardstock) with gluestick… (find the rest of the instructions here on Apartment Therapy)

It doesn’t sound too terribly difficult, though you will need to make sure you have the specific supplies. Have you ever done this before? Is it something you would do? 

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5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Turn Paperback Books into Custom Hardbacks!

  1. This sounds amazing and looks outstanding! I could see myself doing this to books I have already read but maybe don’t look as sophisticated on my shelf, like the smaller paperbacks by King and Grisham. I think that if you printed the right labels, it might be easier to stick labels on the covers than print on the paper, which might be more difficult to center.

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