Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale

If you liked Austenland, you’ll love this book too. It’s not necessarily a sequel (though there are some overlapping characters), but it’s on par with the first book. I don’t typically like fiction that’s derived from favorite classics, but Hale tends to NOT try to think of how Austen would continue the story, but rather make the story about people who love Jane Austen (or the Regency time period).

Austenland is a resort (if you will) set on a manor in the English countryside for wealthy travelers who want to step back in time. It is the location of both Austenland novels. However, where the first was plotted around love, this one is plotted around a mystery (…ok AND love, how can there not be love?). It’s a light, easy read – but honestly, this scaredy cat did hear a few more creaks around the house than usual. My expectations for the fear factor were so low that Hale surprised me by evoking a tense enough atmosphere to give me some thrills.

Quick, easy read – recommended for people who like that kind of thing.

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