Happy Monday!

Edie Sedgwick, 1960s

Hellowsie friends and happy Monday! Did you all have a nice weekend? American friends, did you enjoy your Thanksgiving (and possible extra long weekend)? I enjoyed my extra long weekend and got plenty of reading done too – so I’m thankful for that (and mini-pumpkin pies, yum!). What do you think of the mini-makeover Unputdownables got last week? I’m excited about my new banner! Is the yellow, for the links, too light? (I can change that.)

Since we last chatted I have finished The Casual Vacancy (review tomorrow), Charms For the Easy Life, and Brain on Fire (review later this week or early next week).  Now I’m more than halfway finished with Just Kids by Patti Smith. Honestly, I would have been through with Just Kids already if I wasn’t spending so much time looking things up. The people, places (as in specific places – restaurants, hotels, etc.), songs, bands. It’s not that I’m completely unfamiliar with these people or songs (etc.) but I tend to have what I call a “researcher’s mind”, meaning when someone or something is being mentioned (that interests me), I want to find out all I can about it before I head back to the reading. It’s ridiculous (aka obnoxious), really, and more than a little time consuming – but it’s also part of what I really enjoy about reading non-fiction.

For example, Andy Warhol is mentioned often in this book, and with him (at least up until where I am, 1970) Edie Sedgwick is mentioned as well. As I was reading, it occurred to me that I know very little about Edie besides the fact that she was famous… and to be fair – that is a big part of what there is to know about Edie, but she was more than a Paris Hilton and influenced culture in a more interesting way (in my opinion) even though her life was so short (by the way, I heard Edie created that mod ’60’s look, but had always thought Twiggy had, does anyone know which is true?). Come to find out that Edie is buried minutes from my house in an old cemetery that I’ve driven by but never gone in. So, after watching half of Factory Girl (the other half to be watched later), I gathered up my courage (courage because a) I felt like an intruder, and b) didn’t want to be that girl), I went to the cemetery and set out to find Edie. I found her, and also some very old graves around hers (she’s buried in the old part of the cemetery), including one of a little boy from the 1800’s who (from his epitaph) appears to have been murdered (must find out more about that later), and also an old grave of someone with the first name Wallace. As you can imagine, that doesn’t happen everyday, so seeing my name on a gravestone like that was an interesting feeling. Not as jarring as I would have thought, but definitely interesting. I was practically standing on top of (though I wasn’t, don’t worry) the grave before I noticed the name. One would think in that situation one’s name might jump out at them, but because it’s so rare (even for a man’s name) it never occurred to me that I would run across it. I was so surprised when I finally noticed that I actually made an exclamation – out loud – good thing I was quite far away from any other visitors; at least any human visitors. (I swear someone, or something, was following me; I heard the leaves crunching, but every time I looked nothing was there. Broad daylight people. This girl is a wimp.)

Anyway, sorry to those who don’t like talk of graveyards, BUT – there you have the long version of my story about what reading can do… sending you out on all sorts of unexpected adventures. I can guarantee you I never thought I’d end my long weekend on a spur of the moment stroll through the ol’ cemetery.

What about you? What have you read since we last chatted? Any adventures comes of it?

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4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I have that same problem when reading non-fiction…I just need to know everything. I can get way off track with my googling if I’m not careful and create a new To Read pile in a hurry about whatever topic or person I just “discovered”…it’s fun though, isn’t it? :)

    • Wellll, I did wake up in the middle of the night scared and convinced Edie was under my bed (so had trouble falling back asleep). I made myself a promise that I would think twice before another random jaunt to the graveyard. ;)

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