Finalizing the 2013 Read-a-Long Schedule

Aaaand we’re in the final stages of putting together the Read-a-Long Schedule for 2013. I have looked at the votes from when we pared down our options (I don’t know how to turn the ability to vote off – but I won’t be counting them anymore, I have already written down which has won each poll).

So, along with the three that are for sure (Crime and Punishment, Agnes Grey, and Wives and Daughters) I have figured out a couple of possible scenarios (time wise) of what our schedule could look like. Please take a moment to vote for which schedule you like most. Keep in mind that which ever one you choose will be paired with the three titles listed above. Note, four of the five options include Les Miserables (at different reading speeds) with one or two other titles. Les Miserables would (obviously) take up a great deal of time (it is 1,463 pages). I would prefer not to spend four months on one book as I can foresee many people loosing steam over that amount of time, but I have included that option just to see how many of you it appeals to.

This is our last poll – I’ll be posting the final schedule in December!

Polling is now closed, the following is the result!

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.24.06 AM

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16 thoughts on “Finalizing the 2013 Read-a-Long Schedule

  1. I really want to read Les Mis…but I know myself well enough to know that I need to do it with a group :/ I also know that the longer I string it out, the less I am to finish it…procrastination and all that. And then again, I also don’t want the timeframe to be such that Les Mis is the only thing I can read for a month if I’m going to meet the deadlines. Oy. We’ll see how it all turns out :)

    • Yeah, the hard thing about Les Miserables is that in order to finish it without dragging it out forever, it will probably be one of those books that has to be the only one you’re reading when you read it (maybe with something light on the side for bedtime?). I’ve thought of this too, since I usually read multiple books at once also. I am determined to read it sometime, though, so I suppose I will just have to charge through it at some point.

  2. I just started Les Miserables because I want to read it and see the movie but I wouldn’t mind following a read-a-long for it just to get more insight!

    • I wish I had started it awhile ago so that I could see the movie after reading it – but I want to see the movie in the theater, so reading it beforehand (obviously) isn’t going to happen for me by Christmas, ha!

      • I’m only 40 pages in and I’m captivated already. I was intimidated but the writing style is pretty easy to follow. Since I am only reading The Hobbit besides this, I think I’ll have it done by Christmas. I’m like a rabid beast with a good book, I won’t put it down!

  3. I’d rather not read Les Mis just because I want to read those other books more. Plus, I don’t see myself committing to one book for 3-4 months – that is just too much time for one book.

    • We’ve done three months for a book a few times already, but four months is hard for a read-a-long because it means people have to keep coming here to discuss for four months straight. I have a feeling this book will take me a few months to finish whether I read it with others or not, though. Have you read it before?

      • No, I haven’t read it before and I’m not sure if I want to read it. People seem to love it, but I’m not sure if I would. For some reason it just doesn’t catch my interest.

    • Ok! Go ahead and vote for whichever selection you’d rather then, I’ll be using the poll counter to decide which group we’ll read. Looks like Zelda might be in the mix, but you can always skip that one, of course! :)

  4. I didn’t vote in the other polls, but I have been lurking and following along. ;) I love your group reads, and am excited about some of these titles for next year! I’ve been dying to get to Les Mis, and would adore reading that with you all. Also really looking forward to Crime and Punishment…one of those books that I need a little extra push to pick up.

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