2012 Book Gift Guide

For this year’s gift guide, I decided not to reinvent the wheel. I took to the Internet to find some books to put on my wish list and found several wonderful ideas for gifts for others as well thanks to Vogue’s online book section. Happy holiday book shopping; be warned – this rabbit hole is easy to fall into and hard to get out of!

Please excuse the two smaller collages, the bigger pictures weren’t available on the site, so I had to use the thumbnails… I didn’t purposefully make the men smaller – you’ll have to talk to Vogue about that. ;)



New music biographies. After reading Just Kids, this list intrigues me. However, since music isn’t exactly my thing (I listen to it, but I don’t crave it), I’d be lost knowing what to get someone who really loves to delve into this world. This list gives some great ideas on the right kind of books to give your special music buff.



Surprise, surprise, I have a list of Paris books that I want (and in fact, I already own two of the books in this list). These books will satisfy the francophile in your life, and if it’s you – maybe someone will drop one (or more!) of these onto your bookshelf this holiday season! For more details, read the blurbs here.


Need a gift for someone who just can’t get enough thrillers? Try this list of the hottest literary thrillers of the year. I’ve read Gone Girl and can tell you it was titillating. I have my eye on a few of the others for when I’m feeling brave.



A Train in Winter is already waiting on my nightstand bookshelf to be read. I can’t wait – it looks enthralling! Try any of the above when looking for the perfect gift for the ladies in your life who want to read about some seriously heroic women. Inspiring and moving all wrapped with a bow and a card with their name on it.


Need something for the men on you list? Try one of these biographies of alpha males to inspire them and get them reading through the holidays.



An unforgettable biography of one of these fierce women is sure to entertain the non-fiction reader on your list. I’ve been dying to read Catherine The Great for some time now (she’s been giving me that stare from the bookshelf for months!), and she’s in good company with the women in this book list.



Not sure any of the previous lists have something for the bibliophile in you life? You can’t go wrong with one of this fall’s hottest new releases. Something from this list is sure to fit the bill.

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