Bookish Artwork

I love all of these bookish pieces of artwork. It always makes me smile when I find a new one. Do you have any favorites from the ones pictured below?


145874475400652980_WB6jRXAP_c 153615037261439570_JrGlBvXU_c 157626055679531196_IawmoYHi_c 37788084342945825_uuETJYG0_c 226024475019705195_CrzAXHhl_c 48624870948522881_3aEUlqp5_c

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8 thoughts on “Bookish Artwork

  1. I like the second-to-last one best. I like to imagine that she’s supposed to be cleaning that room, but she loves reading so much that she sneaks in a few pages whenever she can, when no one’s around!

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