The Classics Club: December Question of the Month


December  question from The Classics Club:

What is your favorite memory of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Have you ever read it? If not, will you? Why should others read it rather than relying on the film adaptions?

I have never been completely sure if I’ve read this book or not. With the amount of adaptations that have been produced throughout the years (film, ballet, stage) I’ve seen the story plenty of times, but am not sure I’ve read it. However, there are certain parts (which I won’t mention because spoilers, even 200 years later, are so annoying) that I know about which aren’t in most adaptations, so I’m really not quite sure. If I have read it (or rather had it read to me at a young age, which would have been the case otherwise I would remember) it’s not been for a very long time.

I did try to read it, on my own, two years ago. It wasn’t the right time for it, but also I found it a bit scary and didn’t get past the beginning, where Scrooge is first visited by Marley. After reading these thoughts, the other night, I decided to try again. It’s on my list and what better time to read it than Christmas?

Have you read the book?

14 thoughts on “The Classics Club: December Question of the Month

  1. That is a really good question–I don’t know either. I know I have started it, but I don’t know if I have finished it. It is short, so it might be a good time to try agan!


  2. I haven’t read it yet but I did go to the Dickens exhibit at the New York City Library a couple of weeks ago which was really amazing!

    • That’s cool! They always have the best exhibits, don’t they? This would be a great classic to read if you aren’t a big classics person. Very short, very accessible.

  3. I LOVE A Christmas Carol! We were assigned to read it as a school project in 6th grade, and I just re-read it last week. I found myself laughing at some of Dickens’s jokes. He does this whole little aside on why a “doornail” is considered “dead” as opposed to say, a coffin nail. I love it when I can laugh at 150 year old jokes. Well played, Chuck. Well played.

  4. I love A Christmas Carol. I’ve read it several times, watched various film adaptations and even one stage version. My favourite memory of it is the one Christmas when I read it to my little brother in the week or so leading up to Christmas, saving the final chapter for Christmas morning before we went in search of presents. That was really special.

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