Classics Club Question: Who is Your Favorite Brontë, and Why?


I’m behind on The Classics Club questions, so over the next two Wednesdays I’ll catch up. Last month, the question was: “Who was your favorite Brontë, and why?”

I admit, I haven’t read anything by Anne (though I will later this year for the October Read-a-Long, when we read Agnes Grey), so technically I’m not allowed to include her – but perhaps the fact that I have left her until last in my reading of the sisters points to my level of interest (that or it’s just because she’s the least famous).

Charlotte, is wonderful. She’s a beautiful writer – soulful, and practical; responsible and long-suffering. Maybe the most relatable sister?

But it’s Emily I adore. I think because she is so raw and her work so controversial;  either you love it or hate it (I happen to love it). She’s morbid and fierce, and her romantic side is not the dainty kind expected of women but more of an unexpected shocking romanticism, which feels no less romantic to me than a style that would be categorized as more feminine. In fact, because I am not a typical romantic, I think I love her all the more.

How about you, who is your favorite Brontë, and why?

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2 thoughts on “Classics Club Question: Who is Your Favorite Brontë, and Why?

  1. That’s hard!
    They are soooo different, but perhaps Jane Eyre is my favorite, so solid and passionate. I read Agnes Grey a long time ago, and I think it is a little jewel too. Opposite to the novels by her sisters, but full of soul. It is also kind of touching, because you see that it is more clearly inspired by Anne’s own life.

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