You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning

you dont have to say your love me

Sarra Manning is a British author, journalist, and editor. She Has written numerous articles for teen and entertainment magazines.

Sarra has written for top magazines such as ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Stylist and InStyle among others. She is also a best seller teen novelist most famously the YA Novels.

Besides the teen novels Sarra has published 3 grown-up novels; Unsticky, Nine Uses For an Ex-Boyfriend, It Felt Like a Kiss, and the book I am reviewing today, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me published at the end of 2012.

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me is considered by many as one of the best novels of adult romance that is enriched with comedy.

Sarra’s writing style is the real magic of novel because the play with words is done a beautiful manner.


The plot of a novel is quite interesting because it highlights the struggle of the woman who consider themselves as bulky and fat women.

The weight reduction efforts by a heroine of the novel, Nieve should be appreciated because she considers weight as the biggest problem of life.

She just wants to inspire her lover, William.

The novel also throws an interesting light on the romantic life of London as the book compels you to plan a romantic tour to London.

The most interesting character in the novel is Max, a Yorkshire man, is in love with Nieve, but she wants Max to experience a relationship before establishing one with William.

They’re only a few novels in English literature, which combine the adult and romance and produce contemporary romance with literary satire on obesity of English women.

Nieve uses many tactics to lose weight like using ideal shape shake and it beautifully demonstrates the efforts of English women to preserve her love by kerbing classical obesity. Nieve thinks low carb meal replacement shakes could work for her by turning her body into slimmer masterpiece praised by every human being.

William has to return England after completing his business tour after few weeks and Nieve is all ready to present him the valuable gift, her slimmer and more fit body.

I just want to turn the pages again and again because words have been beautiful piled up in this literary gem of English literature. Manning also has pinned an important point, the importance of sex in a relationship and the fact that it’s related to human satisfaction and human psychological trends.It is another elegant and valuable addition to previous literary work of the author who enjoys the history of producing such a wonderful masterpieces.

My Take On The Story

I must say, this is not only a novel but the collection of words describing the struggle between human consciousness and materialism, aesthetics of woman, adultery, comedy and satire in English society.


I couldn’t stop myself from claiming this work of Sarra Manning as an Unputdownable.

Manning has produced this unforgettable literary novel encircling every aspect of comedy and romance into a great story while bringing to the forefront the attitudes of society on overweight women.

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