Got Magazines?


If you know me, or have been to my house, you know that I am a magazine addict. I looooove grabbing new magazines. I don’t have too many subscriptions because I like to decide each month whether or not to pick up a certain magazine, but I always have a healthy mountain of magazines in my living room. To me they are instant gratification, small “books” that I can read through in a sitting or two and feel like I am vacation for the half hour that I look through them as the TV is on in the background. I almost never read magazines anywhere else since I bring books with me wherever I go. There’s just something so enjoyable (small pleasures) about my favorite magazine in one of the coziest places in the house; the good ol’ couch. Some of my constant favorites are Lucky (love the style they put out) and Country Living (I pretty much want to live in every house they feature), but lately I’ve been picking up Real Simple (such great tips and beautiful spreads) each month. I also tend to pick up Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal — there’s something super comforting about both of these magazines – they often find their way into my pile as well.

I know I’m not the only magazine hoarder out there. So, dish… which magazines are your favorite (and why)?