Happy Birthday, Mom!


Love my mom for being the type of person who would recognize the need to take this picture before helping me out of the situation (chose this picture for obvious-- love of books starts EARLY, as does the lesson of not going *anywhere* without one). Thanks mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday! I’m heading up to her neck of the woods (one of my very favorite places) to celebrate with her, use my frequent reader gift card at The Book Loft, and have some good reading time for the 48 Hour TBR Read-a-Thon. I wanted to give her a shout out today because she is the reason that I am a reader!

Why My Mom is the Reason I’m a Reader:

  • My mom is a reader and I basically wanted to do everything she did while growing up.
  • She read to me before I could read. There were always books in our home and I can still remember some of the words to my very favorite stories because we read them so many times. (In fact, one of those lines became a quote in the family whenever we were on our way home… “Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!”)
  • One of my earliest memories is of our local library in Glencoe, Illinois… I can remember their children’s area quite well and I moved away from there when I was five. Shows you how much time we spent there.
  • She spent countless hours listening to me teaching myself how to read, not wanting any help from anyone… until I NEEDED help and summoned my minions (aka mommy) to aid me. She patiently helped me sound out words or told me what they were as I guessed them (and/or also known as demanding that she help me rightnow and tell me what the word was that I needed to know).
  • Getting my very first library card was not only allowed, but important. At the very youngest age that our local library in Colorado would allow us to have a card, my mom encouraged me get my very own. I can still remember feeling very excited and nervous about signing my name on my very own library card, and her celebrating the fact that I was such a big girl for having one!
  • My crazy book buying habits are all her fault. We would take regular trips to the original Tattered Cover in Denver… I can still remember the exact layout of the store, and basically where all the genres were located. We were allowed to have as many books as we wanted (as long as we read them).
  • She taught me early on to pack books for a trip like they were oxygen. You never want to be stuck without a book!
  • She never bothered me when I became engrossed in a novel and never told me to get my nose out of a book.

My mom is still a reader today, and reads more books than most people I know. She’s always my biggest reading fan (always asking about what I’m reading, excited about me blogging about books, and encouraging me to write one of my own). I owe her my love of reading and the ability to spend so much time nurturing my literary bug as I was growing up!

So readers, who was your biggest reading influence growing up?

Happy Birthday, Mom!

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Aw…that’s a cute picture and a great post. My mom read to me when I was a baby (she said I was the only she had time to do that for) and attributed that to my being such a bookfreak. She did always have to remind me that life was for the living, and not for the reading. I forget that a lot, still. It’s a constant struggle to keep the balance.

    • Haha, yes… it can be hard to remember sometimes, right? I get worse the older I get (probably because there are more responsibilities I’d like to shirk in order to read!).

  2. Look at that photo!! You are too cute in your little footie pajamas. Oh, and then there’s the head stuck in the cot. LOL. All for the love of a book.

    Happy Bday Mom!! Hope you guys have fun at The Book Loft. One of my fave places. Have some pancakes at The Pancake House too.

  3. Too cute! My mom (and dad) read to both me and my brother from and early age so they certainly influenced me too. Although, strangely my brother dislikes reading for pleasure, go figure. Anyway, great post I hope your mom had a wonderful day!

    • So funny… my brother is the same way. He doesn’t read for pleasure (though, he is getting his PhD in philosophy, so lots of reading there), and very rarely reads fiction. What is it with that? Is it a guy thing?

  4. Aw, what a lovely post! One of my big reading influences was my 3rd-year infants teacher, Mrs Barkley. I started writing a comment about her and then realised I was writing so much it would make a great blog post, so I am totally stealing the idea. Thank you for planting it!

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